Holidaying like God in France -a lot of French history is included in the Château de Bagnols

Presentation Château de Bagnols, France

The Château de Bagnols is located about 32 kilometers from Lyon. It was built between the 12th and 13th centuries and impressively demonstrates its long history. The impressive parks and thick walls of the Château de Bagnols will make your stay a very special journey between past and present. Romantic walks lead you past towers, golden stones and vines and care with an exclusive leisure and recreation program for complete relaxation. The 5-star hotel Château de Bagnols spoils its guests with traditional cuisine in its hotel restaurant and leaves little to be desired. National and international guests enjoy days relaxing in the spacious grounds of the hotel. The hotel Château de Bagnols has transferred skillfully this spell in the presence and combines in a successful way  luxury with an old tradition. The spa area includes a gym, indoor pool, hammam and a nail corner for relaxation care. In summer, a Roman outdoor pool for swimming.

What makes Hotel Château de Bagnols so special?

The heritage protected hotel seduces its guests with the feudal past and pompous France. Each room has a lush and very individually and exquisitely furnished equipment, so you really feel like God in France. Heavy curtains, imposing restored antiques and magnificent murals put every single room of the Château de Bagnols skillfully into the light. Nevertheless, the hotel is modern. Internet, à la carte and allergy-friendly rooms complement the upscale services that represents conference rooms and the business centers. King Charles VII visited the Hotel Château de Bagnols also for example. The Château de Bagnols is one of the most beautiful Château hotels in France and is listed as a historical monument.

The location of the hotel in Lyon

The hotel is nestled in a very scenic area, surrounded by vineyards. The trenches, walls and towers of the Château de Bagnols charme at first glance. But the historical blocks foreshadowing of the glorious past. The Château de Bagnols is an ideal starting point for sports activities such as skiing, horseback riding, hiking, tennis or bicycle rental. For those who prefer more action,  a balloon trip can be organized.


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Hotel name Château de Bagnols
Country Frankreich
Category Westeuropa
Region Ostfrankreich
Adress Le Bourg, 69620 Bagnols
1000h experience hotel 9
Booking rating 9,3
Booking reviews 114
Tripadvisor rating 88%
Tripadvisor reviews 247
Trend reviews 0%
Overall score hotel 9,0


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