Hotel Bella Riva, Largo di Garda

The 5 star hotel Bella Riva is the first house in the t Italian community Gardone Riviera on the western shore of Lake Garda for over a hundred years.

Elegant boutique hotel Bella Riva

The Hotel Bella Riva Gardone Riviera offers accommodation in two dozen rooms and suites. The rooms are divided into studios, Deluxe and Balcony, the suites in Scenic, mansard-roofed terrace and loft suites. The overall atmosphere at the Hotel Bella Riva is restrained and elegant at the same time, one could say very dignified. The furniture is handmade and each room and suite is individually decorated. The parquet flooring is made of oak, and the sanitary area offers both elegant and valuable marble on floor and walls. Residents of the next door Villa Mughetto with apartments on several floors can handle all hotel services claim, thanks to a collaboration with the Hotel Bella Riva. Among those include the restaurant of the hotel Riva Bella and the hotel bar. It serves traditional Italian cuisine both in the restaurant and outdoors on the terrace. A holiday in Gardone Riviera with a lot of sun also includes sunbathing by the pool from the hotel Bella Riva. Sun loungers with sun shade ensure a relaxed atmosphere in the pleasant climate in all seasons. The immediate position on Lake Garda offers a wide panoramic view and direct access to the lake.

The special feature: In Hotel Bella Riva view of Lake Garda and smell

What makes the Hotel Bella Riva special is its location right on Lake Garda.  Staying at the Hotel Bella Riva and water sports on Lake Garda are a successful holiday mixture of things in nature on the one hand and a relax on the other. Among the special features in the Hotel Bella Riva also includes the full service in all areas; from reception to the restaurant to the outdoor area as well as the room service. The multilingual staff is, communicative and motivated. At the cozy bar of the guest arrives at the hotel Bella Riva rarely pass without a last night drink. The private beach and swimming pool area is perfect to enjoy the time.

Location: On the Via Roma from the Hotel Bella Riva Gardone Riviera by Lake Garda

This luxury hotel is located a few kilometers outside of Gardone Riviera, a small, quiet village with nearly three thousand inhabitants. The Via Roma leads directly along the lake as a quayside. The Botanical Garden in Gardone Riviera with its unique fauna is a special local sight. The nature around the Hotel Bella Riva is also suitable for jogging around or for walks or bike rides through the so-called Lemon Riviera. These are eight contiguous municipalities on Lake Garda, including the town of Gardone Riviera.


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Hotel name Hotel Bella Riva, Gardone Riviera
Country Italien
Category ItalienCH
Region Norditalien
Adress Via Podini Mario 1/2, 25083 Gardone Riviera
1000h experience hotel 9
Booking rating 9,3
Booking reviews 119
Tripadvisor rating 94%
Tripadvisor reviews 204
Trend reviews -1%
Overall score hotel 9,3

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