The Villa Franceschi is a five-star hotel in the town of Mira near Venice in the northern Italian region of Veneto.

Presentation Hotel Villa Franceschi

In the 16th and 17th century, many Venetian nobles and celebrities could build beautiful villas in the interior, where they spent their summers. In Mira, the northeast neighboring municipality of Venice, are still more such villas. The Villa Franceschi is one of them! A baroque park surrounds the wonderfully restored country house which has been carefully modernized and designed as a nostalgic little place.

The 25 guest rooms and suites are very spacious and furnished in Venetian style. You have, for example, Terracotta floors, open fireplaces made of marble and soft upholstered furniture. Paintings adorn the walls. In the restaurant „Margherita“ in the Villa Franceschi guests get a sumptuous breakfast buffet in the morning, and for lunch and dinner you can also have Italian food – preferably using local products. Asparagus, artichokes and various seafood dishes are often on the menu, including prawns and mussels – the sea is not that far! The wine list will every gourmet delight, because it the typical Venetian wines such as Bardolino, Soave and Valpolicello can be found!

What makes the Hotel Villa Franceschi so special?

Part of the large park of the Villa Franceschi is designed as a vegetable and fruit garden. The chefs of the hotel here, for example, harvesting tomatoes, lemons and herbs. Fresh as it gets! No wonder that the food at „Margherita“is so delicious in the restaurant; And no wonder that many guests enthusiastically participate in the cooking classes offered at the hotel!


The location of the hotel in Mira in Venice

The city Mira has about 39,000 inhabitants. At district of the city flows the Brenta Canal. (Formerly served this channel, derived from the river Brenta, the Republic of Venice as a transport route into the backlands.) The Hotel Villa Franceschi is right on the banks of the canal and even has its own boat jetty. Who rises here in a boat and channel down-moves, passes directly into the lagoon city, because of the Brenta Canal flows into the Grand Canal! The relatively flat region in and around Mira is also well suited for cycling. The most beautiful bike tours along the canal or on side channels. Some of the well-preserved villas in Mira are surrounded by beautiful parks which are open to the public. Call to the Villa dei Leoni would (so named after the lion statues at the entrance to the park) and the Villa Levi Norena. In the neighboring house of the hotel Villa Franceschi is an interesting museum established, the „Ecomuseo le Terre del Brenta“, which deals with the history of the region. Costumes, models of buildings and rock samples are exhibited here.


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Hotel name Villa Franceschi, Mira
Country Italien
Categorie ItalienCH
Region Norditalien
Adress Via Don Minzoni 28, 30034 Mira, Italy
1000h experience hotel 9
Booking rating 9,2
Booking reviews 148
Tripadvisor rating 93%
Tripadvisor reviews 137
Trend reviews 0%
Overall score hotel 9,2

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