Grand Hotel Timeo, Sicily

The Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina belongs to the most famous hotels in Italy and is known for its comfort and its unique view over the Sicilian coast.

Presentation Grand Hotel Timeo, Taormina

The Grand Hotel Timeo is perched high above the rocky coast of Sicily and is considered one of the most glamorous hotels in Italy. As the oldest hotel in Taormina, it is adjacent to the ancient Greek theater, which is one of the most famous sights of Sicily. From the hotel, guests will enjoy an unforgettable view over the coast and the nearby Mount Etna volcano. Many rooms offer guests a sea view and suites feature private balconies or patios that go out to sea. They are typically Sicilian, partially furnished Baroque and have tasteful marble bathrooms. The approximately 100-square-foot Presidential Suite even comes up with its own outdoor-space.

Right behind the Grand Hotel Timeo lies the hotel’s large-scale garden is with magnolias, cypress and palm trees. There is also the picturesque hotel pool. A shuttle service takes guests on request  to the nearby private beach. On the terrace already have been sitting   many famous guests. The hotel additionally has a gym and a spa with a Turkish bath. Unlike many other luxury hotels, the Grand Hotel Timeo is very child friendly and even offers its own child care.

What makes the Grand Hotel Timeo so special?

As the oldest hotel in Taormina the Grand Hotel Timeo claims the best location in town for themselves. Besides luxuriously appointed rooms and a first-class service especially the views of the coastline and the nearby Mount Etna is unique. Although the small town of Taormina is nearly overflowed with tourists during the summer months, you realize this  in Grand Hotel Timeo almost nothing. In particular, by the pool, which is nestled in the beautiful large landscaped property, guests can relax in peace.

The location of the hotel in Taormina, Sicily (Italy)

The Grand Hotel Timeo is very centrally located in the historic center of Taormina and right next to the famous Greek Theatre. The busy shopping street with its many exclusive boutiques located just outside the door and invites you to a tasteful shopping. In addition to great shopping here will find numerous excellent bars and restaurants. Also within walking distance is the cable car, which can bring guests down to the sea brings to the hotel’s private beach.


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Hotel name Grand Hotel Timeo, Taormina
Country Italien
Categorie ItalienCH
Region Süditalien
Adress 98039 Taormina
1000h experience hotel 9
Booking rating 9,4
Booking reviews 130
Tripadvisor rating 94%
Tripadvisor reviews 561
Trend reviews -1%
Overall score hotel 9,3

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