Hotel Erika, South Tirol


The Hotel Erika is a leading hotel in South Tyrol, which rises above a hill near Merano named Tirolo and is widely known for its wellness and spa.

Presentation Hotel Erika, South Tyrol

The Hotel Erika is a leading wellness and hiking hotel, which allows a great view over the Merano valley.

For 115 guests there is a wide variety of exceptional accommodations from the small Mutspitze about modern Ortler to the big Waldstimmung with private sauna and star observatory there, which are prices do not differ so much, because of the hotel’s main added value and of food and wellness accomations.

The food is good South Tyrolean cuisine with influences from around the world and the breakfast buffet and the dessert buffet is absolutely great with wide selection of high quality ingredients and products.

During service, you realize that it is a family hotel, because he is very friendly and accommodating without being stiff and many hoteliers sons and daughters of the region go to the hotel Erika in order to learn something there. The architecture and the design is modern, but also very cosy.

What makes the Hotel Erika one of the best in the world?

The Nestle family  expanded the Erika Hotel from a small pension to a leading 5 star hotel and now uses the hotel’s place completely.  You realize that Erika Nestle values the smallest detail, whether in the planning of the rooms, the hotel jewelry or eating. What is special is that it is really a leader in saunas and spa which the hotel has already constructed before it became a trend. There are two saunas, several outdoor swimming pool, a large relaxation room and an amazing maze garden. The Erika wants to be the best spa hotel  there are not many other hotels that can compete with the. So is the new outdoor sauna with huge glass windows and daily infusion something really special, something you should have seen once.

Also the hotel is virtually all-inclusive, as you can eat throughout the day  free things like cakes and snacks in the early afternoon. Just beverages outside the hotel room are charged extra.


Experiences Hotel Erika Tirolo

I go to this hotel since childhood and you are practically grown up with the hotel. The Erika relies still standards, even if you have seen a lot, because the decor and service are truly world class. So you get a special table and gifts, which are small details, but the delight repeatedly during birth.

Even with bad weather you will not get bored in the hotel, as you relax in the spa and fitness center and can shimmy for a whole day of eating food. The people are a nice mix and come mainly from Germany, although the Erika has become increasingly popular in recent times for Italians as well..


The location of the hotel in Dorf Tirol

From Munich you can reach the Hotel Erika 3.5 hours via the Brenner and Bolzano and you can walk directly from the hotel to Meran. For people who enjoy walking they can satrt directly from the hotel and climb to the Mutspitze for example. Otherwise, there are beautiful routes to Lagundo (Algund Waalweg) or you can take the car and walk in Schena or in Partschins.


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Hotel name Hotel Erika
Country Italien
Categorie ItalienCH
Region Südtirol
Adress Hauptstrasse 39 / I-39019 Dorf Tirol
1000h experience hotel 10
Booking rating 9
Booking reviews 3
Tripadvisor rating 97%
Tripadvisor reviews 200
Trend reviews 0%
Overall score hotel 9,6


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