Features Icehotel, Jukkasjarvi

In the famous Icehotel in Sweden, it is possible to stay in complete ice in a hotel, which is a unique experience.

Each room the Icehotel is designed by artists individually, which makes each room of the Icehotel to a small piece of artwork.  Cou sleep on a coat with a very thick sleeping bag. These really includes a visit to the Ice Bart, where you can sip drinks from glasses made of ice .

Hotel guests get free drinks including hot tea and coffee. Even otherwise, the hotel is characterized by excellent organization and friendly service, which is noticeable in that it makes it fun to work there. Also you can stay at the Ice Hotel in normal Chalets next to it.

In addition to the Icehotel there is also a service area with its own closet and a sauna. For the regular rooms  there are also the toilets, which are very near.


What makes the Icehotel so special?

Now the Icehotel in Sweden is the first of its kind and unique is that it is really entirely of ice and every year is rebuilt. The outside temperature is below -25 degrees and room temperature to -5 degrees (Man but freezes in a sleeping bag really is not) what the Icehotel probably makes the coldest hotel room in the world.

The hotel is thus suitable for special romantic nights or just to have made it before, but less for longer stays. 1-2 nights in Icehotel are therefore ideal.

The hotel is also often used for special weddings and there is even a small chapel for it.

Experiences and test „Icehotel“

Honestly, I only  enyoed a guided tour of the hotel ( But it cost entry) and not stayed there myself. The ice is really special and each room is individually designed. However, the doors are more curtains, that one does not have as much privacy, and should be set to open access. Because of the cold but you should not hesitate because there are all warm clothes.

The cold is certainly not for everyone, but it is definitely a night you will not forget. The area around Kiruna is really worth seeing once in a lifetime, because it gets really cold with -40 degrees, but since it is very dry, it still goes. A tour with the dogs or snowmobile I will never forget. I went to the Icehotel from Lund 20 hours by train and Swedens on the way thozught we were crazy when we said that we are going to Kiruna, but you really dive into another world, the little to the Europe remembers what one knows,  The moon shines brightly and the snow reflectes it all, so it is never really dark ,you can not see anything more.

The location of the hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

One reaches northern Sweden best by plane to Kiruna, Sweden or by train to get a feel for the distance to get. Kiruna itself is a rather small mining town, but the scenery around is very reminiscent of a lunar landscape and is truly once in a lifetime worth seeing. The hotel is located 200km north of the Arctic Circle and there are transfers to the hotel.


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